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Toddler suffers life changing injury due to unsecured TV – Envision AVS

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  • 1-800-496-0950

Toddler suffers life changing injury due to unsecured TV



Correct way to have your tv mounted and secured



While touching this topic may be difficult, it is beyond necessary.

Sure, having your television mounted on the wall and all those unsightly cords neatly tucked away inside of the wall may seem like a luxury; but when it comes to having children in the house, it is a safety precaution and can be a matter of life or death.


According to an article written by Lisa Flam at, falling TVs send a child to the ER every thirty minutes.  As a parent, it’s easy to overlook mounting your TVs and other heavy household items when “baby proofing” your home.  We read all the books and check off our check lists, completely overlooking that stage that will be here before we know it, once those tiny two feet hit the ground nothing is unreachable. A study of emergency room records that calls for greater prevention efforts, Dr. Gary Smith, pediatrician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio states, “A child’s dying once every three weeks from a TV tip-over.  The numbers are going up. This is a call to action. These are 100 percent preventable injuries.”


Below you will see an article regarding a mother in Georgetown, Texas striving to warn parents after her 32-inch TV fell on her four year olds back leaving him in a coma for five days and ultimately to suffer a traumatic, life changing brain injury.  We urge parents to read and discover some of the additional safety precautions’ you can take when ensuring your children’s safety throughout your home.


In an effort to raise awareness to this often unrecognized hazard lurking in most homes that poses a potentially deadly threat to all young children, for the month of January Envision AVS will be offering a 10% discount on all TV Mounts* exclusively for parents with children.


*Drywall Only, offer expires 02/05/2017

(800) 496-0950





Mom warns parents after TV fell on son, causing traumatic brain injury